25 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Breakfast: gluten-free muffin and an apple; vitamin water

Lunch at 5: An apple and a small bag of popcorn, with black tea

Dinner at 8: A banana with peanutbutter, a big plastic Baja Blast cup of mango juice and ginger ale (with a blue straw, as per tweet), a lot more popcorn, more conversation hearts...

Snacks to follow: a lot more muffins, some raisins, gluten-free pretzels

Over the course of the day, it seems like I literally ate... 5-7 of those muffins. They're so good, though! My mom made them with stuff that changes them from supernasty snackfood to sortaokay substance food. It was a perfect day for eating until the evening, when I ate a ton for fun. I would probably be a lot healthier if I stopped eating at 8 or 9 like you're supposed to!!

All in all, it was a very good day for eating. Gluten-free feels good.

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