24 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

I write this blogpost from my lofted internet fortress. It is so beautiful and close to the ceiling! Thanks to Baja Blast and Cody and Jon and my roommate who moved out so prematurely, I have a spacious bedroom with huge pictures on the walls and a walk-in closet (especially if you use your imagination).

No more French or political or event-related nonsense! Things I Ate Today:
-2 glasses Ovaltine
-A vegetarian volcano taco
-Cheesy fiesta potatoes
-About a thousand hot sauce packets
-Large Baja Blast
-Rice noodles with mushroom spaghetti sauce
-Nongluten muffin(s?)
-Very literally, about 17 servings of conversation hearts
-I think I'll eat an apple to avoid vomitting.

Aside from the ridiculous amount of candy, it was a great day for eating!

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