19 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Today, the first day back at class, went very well! It ended with a LOT of old huge posters that look like they came from National Geographic but actually came from a dumpster on campus.

I woke up really excited to eat at 7:45, for some reason. I had two bowls* of chocolatey monster cereal while listening to the Fame Monster. It was Count Chocula- sort of like Cocoa Krispies with marshmallows.

For lunch around 11:30, I drank a medium mocha with whipped cream.

I ate a burrito bol thing from Boca, a bag of miniature Snickers bars, and a quart of chocolate soymilk.

I don't remember what I ate yesterday, but it ended in cole slaw and a brick of cheese.

It was a very good day for eating!!

*dirty tupperware container with a dirty plastic fork

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