04 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:
-Literally a ton* of chocolate
-About half a box of hot chocolate
-A Morningstar pattie on a slice of bread with ranch dressing
-My third Chipotle burrito in 3 days (still amazingly delicious), with Hannah
-Some of Taco Bell's pink tea with Lauren***
-Vegetarian sushi rolls that my mom FINALLY made, after promising them when I made the switch to vegetarianism in fourth grade.

Things I Ate Yesterday:
-About half a box of chocolate**
-Cooked zucchini with sprinkled cheese
-A ton of cheese and crackers in weird flavors
-Chille (I still have no idea how to spell this)
-Deliiicious Chipotle with Sebastian
-Amazingly sophisticated and good hot chocolate with Sebastian at the hipster coffee place where everyone reads books and types on laptops in beanies because they're just sooooo cool****
-A little piece of Italian candy unlike anything I have ever experienced
-Literally half a ton* of chocolate

Any day full of chocolate and Chipotle is a good day for eating. :)

*I know, right?
**Have I mentioned that our house is freeezing?
***The first time I have ever gone to Taco Bell just for a drink. Classy, no?
****Haha whoops, I guess that includes my brother!

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