28 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Here ya go, Lauren: http://tinyurl.com/y8784c6 !

Things I Ate Today:
-Large coffee mixed with small chocolate soy milk
-Lindt Ball
-Just realized I left a slightly overripe banana in my dorm for the weekend
-Single serving bowl of Cocoa Krispies
-Fruit cup and another chocolate soy milk
-Vegetarian sushi with BROWN rice!?
-A doughnut thing Dustin's mom made and a couple of little pretzels because I was sooooo hungry and the Agostas only eat wheat/meat! (Otherwise, do you notice I haven't eaten it?)
-Wasabi rice crisps
-2 things of string cheese
-A few stolen white chocolate chips
-A glass of Ovaltine

It was a good day for eating!

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