26 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

Goodbye, Gospel Choir. Hello, Children's Literature with a guy who got amazing reviews from ratemyprofessors.com/net/w/e!

-Tons of yummy gluten-free pretzels
-An apple
-1.5 bananas, thanks to nasty rot
-Jif's honey peanutbutter which actually has NO honey taste whatsoever
-Way too many sugary beverages
-French fries with cheese (goodness is inversely proportionate to time spent sitting out)
-Peppermint bark
-1 Rice Krispie Treat
-1 Free Rice Krispie Treat
-A gluten-free muffin
-Possibly some raisins

It was an okay to good day for eating! Not enough produce and the Rice Krispie double whammy combined with cheesy french fries and sugary black tea nearly killed me. But otherwise! :)

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