14 January 2010

Things I Ate Today

(You know that plaza across the street from Taco Bell on State road? Shadiest place EVER. There's a dollar store where you could probably buy crack for as much as the old magazines they sell in excess (for a dollar), and I bought a bootleg "Beasty" Boys CD from 1999 at the record store. I loved all of it, and I'm so excited for that CD because it's full of my favorite songs in addition to songs I've never heard. It's also very rare, of course!)

I ate:
-2 bowls of Cocoa Krispies
-A vegetarian volcano taco, cheesy fiesta potatoes, and two cups of Raspberry Hayley sugartea
-A Hostess Snowball which was so gross that I separated the cake from the exterior coconut/marshmallow layer, ate the cake, then threw the mallow out the window.
-A nice little piece of chocolate
-A LOT of tiny* grapes.
-Mashed potatoes with peas and some cheese and salt and pepper (around 8 or 9pm)
-A bowl of beans, rice and cheese that tasted like it came from Taco Bell's garbage last week
-Some cheesecake substance that my mom made

I got tired of the New Year's resolution about not eating desserts. The main problem I have with them is that they're full of gluten and I tend to sacrifice my non-gluten successes for cookies that I don't actually want. But, ya know, maybe I learned something from the whole experience! Maybe I didn't and should just not eat things that I am 90% probably allergic to. It's the climb.

All in all, an okay day for eating.

*I successfully convinced Cody that they were marashino grapes-- sort of like a grapple-- a genetically engineered cross between a grape and a marashino cherry. I told him that they were very expensive, when they were actually reduced because of their puny size.

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  1. I like that raspberry iced tea is named after me.
    I also like the way you view the world and the things you do and the things you say and everything about you.