12 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

Mason Jennings is so good! If he is famous or associated with Jack Johnson, well, I am willing to ignore either/both of those things. My favorite song by him is "Keepin' it Real." Right now I am listening to "Ballad for My One True Love" and "I am Lonely" and whatever else comes up in my library.

Today I ate:

-a banana with (supposedly honey-flavored) peanut butter
-about 3/4 lb. overpriced, low quality strawberries
-king-sized Reese's
-vanilla milkshake
-deluxe brownie/mallow/frosting miracle
-almonds in raisins
-a huge bag of corn chips that are flavored like DORITOS (so they're gluten-free)! Genius.
-a plastic pot of salsa
-Swiss cheese
-a piece of bread because it was so fancy
-milk and apple juice and water
-Cadbury Creme Egg
-Skor bar

Ew. What is wrong with me? It was a good day for eating.


  1. Jess, you can’t make me vote on a poll that makes me choose from so many good things! I just can’t do it…

  2. I really wish that I could eat all this and not get fat. That would be so pleasurable. Minus the candy. I hate candy so much.

    P.S. Jesse's my brother's name. He just got home to visit before jetsetting again =]]