18 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Yesterday:

-large coffee with soy milk (vanilla because they were out of chocolate)
-T9 value meal from Taco Bell: crunchwrap, taco, large Baja Blast
-pink Vitamin Water
-third best (cheesy) french fries I've ever had
-an apple

Things I Ate Today:

-a lot of Baja Blast at inappropriate times
-half a pint of Ben & Jerry's (leftover from Sebastian-- I don't usually eat half pints!) vanilla Heath
-3 slices* of cheese pizza with a small cup of rootbeer
-about half of a huge bag of spring-colored jelly beans
-pink Vitamin Water
-weird bread products
-gluten-free cookie dough
-raisins I think?

*One was free!

Today wasn't a good day for eating at all, but I didn't care. Yesterday was an exceptional day for eating.

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