24 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

Today, after getting like five hours of sleep again because I'm stooopid, I woke up an hour early (8:30/9:00) to study for a big Italian test. I drank a large coffee with chocolate soy milk at Prentice. Then, Dan came out to talk to me and gave me a free drank! Diet Coke. I didn't drink all of it because I was tired and cracked out on caffeine, but it was a very nice gesture.

After my test, I went back to Prentice. I met Dan and Sebastian for brunch as per usual, but I wasn't hungry. I started working on my Italian workbook, which is due tomorrow. Then, after they'd both eaten, I ate a piece of jalapeno cheese and a little box of black raspberries. This was the day's major turning point in deliciousness.

After I finished most of my workbook (around 2:30/3:00), I ate some almonds and dried cranberries. I drank the first half of a Vitamin Water.

Sebastian gave me and Lauren some Sweethearts from his grandparents. Some sparkled!

Later, I wound up at Kent's biannual Soul Food Dinner with Lauren, Cody, Sebastian, Dan, and Ryan. The Gospel Choir sang! I ate some AMAZING mac &cheese, as well as some yams.

Lauren and I went back to Prentice (over the course of the day, I think I went here five times). She got a drink and I got a Cadbury Creme Egg. We were both in heaven because they were the most delicious things!!

Then, later, Sebastian let us eat his chips, salsa, bean dip, cheese, and sour cream. This combination was one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted.

(After a grocery trip to Prentice,) I ate some more food on my own. Based on recommendation, I tried Naked's strawberry kiwi juice? It was incredible. I absolutely want to pass on that recommendation. I also ate half a jar of nontostitos salsa, with "Restaurant Style" chips. And another Cadbury Egg, just because it was such a great day for eating. I finished the vitamin water and called it a day!

Today was out of this park! Everything I ate was perfect and delicious. It was a good day for eating.


  1. I think that the fact that this blog exists is my favorite part of life. I'm jealous, though, because there isn't food in my house, unless I want popcorn because we inexplicably have loads of that. But the rice bowl things sounds delectable. I used to eat a lot of gluten free stuff back when we would see my aunt a lot, but those days are over (good I suppose since the reason we saw her was she had cancer). And thanks for the reassurance. I kept it in mind, and I made it through, and I think that I did okay. Thank you =]]] (that's how many chins I have when I take a test).

  2. When it says "nontostitoes," does it mean like, "No Tostitos Are Allowed To Be Dipped Into This Sauce Or Else Life On Earth Will Perish," or is it just like, "this sauce doesn't taste good with tostitos?"


    am i reading too much into this? lol