02 February 2010

Thongs I Ate Today*

Today was the grossest day for eating I could ever possibly imagine! For breakfast, I ate super nachos with orange melty cheese product (the best) and bad salsa. Yeagurl, you HEARRRD me!** Bad salsa. Um, I also drank Cherry Coke for some reason. Immediately thereafter, I decided in apparently gross company that it was a good time for candy. I ate a couple baby Reese's cups and two of those Forerror Rochett things. The problem here, I realized, is they make that candy (the latter) with WHEAT FLOUR! So for lunch I went ahead and ate some cheesy bread. I also drank more pop. Don't you want to throw up just reading this?

I ate two apples, peanut butter, popcorn, raisins, chocolate-covered raisins, more gluten from the Pizza Dungeon, chocolate soy milk, probably more nasty pop... ew. I think you get the picture!

The last couple days were better for eating, though. I ate ice cream, vegetarian sushi rolls, fresh fruit, coffee, chocolate soy milk, popcorn, raisins, and so on. Those are most of my favorite foods lately! They're mostly, like, the only things I ever-ever eat. A growing concern has been that, since I've stopped eating gluten again (today was an exception), I've been sick as ever. So there's like a hundred percent chance that my immune system is messed up, but I don't know how to fix it.

Eating food is cool!

**Hey David are you Jealous Of this phrase I invented?

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