26 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

Yesterday, I ate really good food! I had a jar and a half of nontostitos salsa, with restaurant style (instead of Scoops) chips: amazing!! I drank half a gallon of original soy milk, in addition to a juicebox of vanilla soy milk. I ate a mango, some other fruit, um... I actually don't remember what else, but it was all great. Sebastian gave me an apple cinnamon chai cider Naked juice?? Omg. Out of this world. It was so good. He also bought pizza at Erik's/Dan's/Sam's (this will be referred to the Cat's Den from here on out), so I ate a slice. With pineapple:)

Today, I slept in and then eventually got to Prentice, where I ate a personal pan pizza. It was very good and fresh. I went back to my dorm and ate... ... ?? Um, I don't remember what I ate there.

Oh! I ate almost an entire box (6 servings) of gluten-free, non-oat "oatmeal" cookies. They were so good! I drank a strawberry kiwi Naked juice. I drank a vanilla soymilk juice box. I drank a Vitamin Water.* Somewhere in between all that was a 3-4 hour nap.

Around 6, I went over to Cody's, and we napped. (The day's general theme was eating and napping, so it was essentially perfect.) We went to Eastway, where I ate: half a pint of blueberries, a cup of some fruit, a vanilla soy milk juice box, some vegetarian pepperoni?? which was actually pretty good and also good for you; chocolate-covered pretzels, ummm... I think that's all. It was incredible.

Then, we bought Cadbury Creme Eggs and ate them on the warm, lovely poop vent (sound familiar, Lauren?). Aaaahhhh!

My mom picked me up and took me home. Apparently she made a chocolate cake, ate it with dad, and decided it would be okay to syke me out by leaving the pan on the counter. So I walked home and got all excited, only to realize that all the cake was gone! I ate a cup of celery and carrots, with a glass of milk.

I sure ate a lot today! It was all delicious, though. Another good day for eating.

*Today I realized that Vitamin Water is made from reverse osmosis water. That means it's really, really bad for you! Reverse osmosis water actually takes nutrients out of your bones when you drink a lot of it, and I'm actually finishing my second case at the present time. Ooooops.


  1. I'm going to pretend you're lying about the vitamin water thing.