09 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

I cannot believe how many people are suddenly following my blog! Holy camoles! How ya eatin?

Today when I woke up, my upper stomach hurt reeeaaaal bad. I just drank a chocolate soy milk juice box and left.

For lunch after I got lost in the snow and talked to Hayley on the phone which was the best idea we were too stupid to ever think of, I ate: a little bag of salted peanuts, a bottle of vanilla coke, and the rice that Lauren so graciously shared with me on Saturday. It was very delicious, especially with some hot sauce packets from my desk drawer!

If you want to know a nasty secret, I might have eaten a thing of cheesy fries with EXTRA CHEESE. Most people can't handle one cup of cheese, but obviously we can't all be perfect. It was good and disgusting. I tried to balance it with a cup of grapes, and I drank a lot of Vitamin Water, like I do every day. That's because a while ago, I fought a kid for a case of it that was on sale for $10? Bad flavor, good idea.

I probably ate some more of those gluten-free breakfast bars. I went to dinner with the Koonce International Mentorship program even though I wasn't hungry, and I got broccoli cheddar soup with a black raspberry lemonade from Einstein's. That sounds good, but I actually threw most of it away (goodbye, $5!) because the soup was cold and the drink was too intense. I actually took the soup back one time and asked them to maybe heat it up, but the second time when it was still cold I stopped caring.

With Cody and Jon, I ate a pint of Karamel Sutra ice cream. Then we watched Coraline and I ate two packets of Scooby Doo fruit snacks.

Even though everything I just listed is disgusting, I really enjoyed it. Today was a good day for eating.

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  1. I love scooby doo fruit snacks and extra cheesy fries. :)