22 February 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-large coffee with chocolate soy milk
-a few jelly beans

-a little package of hommus, celery, carrots
-v8 juice which, shiestily, only had 10% fruit juice!!
-2 boxes of Peeps
-very vanilla soy milk juice box

evening snack (at least a serving of each)
-the rest of the jelly beans I've been eating all week
-dried cranberries
-stuffed grape leaves
-a cup of carrots and celery, with ranch
-peanut butter
-the rest of my chocolate soy milk from the carton, and vitamin water
-a mango that I cut with a plastic knife on tissues and dropped in glitter when it was drippy
-whatever else was in reach; I don't even remember...

It was a good day for eating! Or should I say... it was a good week for eating?

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