13 February 2010

T- to the A- to the S-T-E-Y- gurl u tasty

Things I Ate Today:

-fancy *bread and fake butter
-an apple the size of your soul
-swiss cheese
-another ridonculous portion of those Doritoesque corn chips from God
-a huge bowl of beans and rice and other stuff that my mom made
-a bowl of vanilla icecream with supplementary
-nongluten cookie dough:) Being home is kind of awesome, right?

Today, I spawned this for some reason. Read it like a really aggressive rap.

Nice to meet you, *gluten, my name is Jess
It's a pretty bad idea for me to obsess
About this piece of bread being so delicious
I eat it in the kitchen, all surreptitious.
You'll be a killer of my digestion and focus
But I'm about to keep eatin' you up bo-cuz
Your seven grains possess some tasty qualities
I think our love is wholesome but forbidden-- you are just a tease.

Sorry about that.

It was a good day for eating!

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