08 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-coffee with chocolate soy milk
-TONS of candy: Easter bunny, Whopper eggs, Reese's eggs, a jelly bean, a gumball that was literally the size of a chicken's egg, a couple Cadbury knockoff eggs...
-a side salad
-cinnamon coffee (super delicious!)
-a pear
-zucchini that my mom made
-2 pieces of cheese
-margarita chips with a can of pop (so good!)

Yesterday I ate even more candy, though. A bag of blue licorice, a bag of Easter candy, gummy bears, a conversation heart that we found in the art studio, gum, Fries, a vanilla latte, so much candy, and more!

It was a good day for eating.

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