05 April 2010

Mini bagels are IT.

Thomas strawberry mini bagels (alias: gluten)
Serving size: 12 mini bagels
Calories: 1,560
Protein: 48
Ingredients: Unbleached enriched white flour (flour, malted barley flour, reduced iron, niacin, B12...)... water, sugar, yeast... strawberries... God...

Something I noticed today is that mini bagels are extremely freakin' delicious. Word to the wise: worth the wheat.

Things I Ate Today:
-coffee and chocolate soy milk
-half a mini bagel
-piece of cheese
-volcano taco
-Baja Blast
-a mint
-water with apple juice in it
-Cadbury egg from my big brudder <3
-side salad
-a bag of Scooby Doo fruit snacks from Jon
-some craisins from Ryan
-like 5[000] other mini bagels with
-Muenster cheese

It was a very good day for eating!

1 comment:

  1. Sorry, I was way too tired to remember what I ate yesterday and you didn’t blog yet. But here’s what I ate today (4/6/10) since you haven’t blogged yet. I usually read your blog in the morning.
    -6 little celeries with cream cheese.
    -Sweet tea from Mcdonalds.
    -A good handful of reeses pieces.
    -My fake chipotle rice mixture.
    -2 little leftover fajitas from last night.
    -A little Debbie thing that was gross. Btw, my dad is insulted that I prefer not to eat fake things anymore.