28 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

This morning around 7, I had a cup of coffee with chocolate soy milk and 3 chocolate Lindt balls.

For lunch, I had a cup or two of salad with blueberry tea and corn chips. Also drank skim milk.

For some reason, Sebastian convinced me to buy a tub of marshmallow cream... so I ate 1-2 flufferbutter (right? is that what they were called?) sandwiches. Omg. So ridiculously, insanely... zomg.

Lauren and I went to Taco Bell, where I had a lot of hot sauce packets and a 7layer burrito. At least that contained a few "real food" products! And it was incredibly delicious. Also had mints and pop. Not Baja Blast because the machine was out of Miracle Flavor...

After Sebastian's job thang, he wanted Taco Bell too. So we went back. I got a cheesy gordita crunch-- also incredibly, amazingly delicious!-- with some more mints and real Baja Blast. Another thing I had today was gum.

Might not have been my healthiest, but today was a good day for eating!


  1. you were close, but they're called fluffernutters! Also I am jealous of all the Taco Bell in this eating list because I've been craving it like CRAZY for the last week and there are none near my school! (dying to get home and have a faux mexican feast)

  2. What I ate today:

    Peanut butter and jelly bagel
    Lots of sunny delight
    Lots of lemonade
    A handful of crackers that were half pretzels
    Oatmeal pie
    Chicken pot pie
    Some nasty pasta salad
    Tiny piece of dry chicken
    Ice cubes!

    You’re the best. I’m so glad I get to see you tomorrow. And you’re hair is so pretty!

  3. Hahaha I love all of these comments!