17 April 2010

Possibly the most food that has ever been in my stomach at one time

Last night after posting the things I had eaten, I ate: veggie BBQ wings, two pieces of fake-buttered toast, a couple glasses of milk, maybe some cheese, I don't know what else... but I went to bed feeling like I was going to die of overeating.

So, that explains why I woke up and ate an apple before going to McDonald's with Hayley for a mocha and 1.5 chocolate chip cookies.

A couple hours later, we ate amazing Chipotle burrio-in-a-bols. But we didn't want her mom to know about it so we also ate a plate of pizza rolls and chik'n nuggets. I also tasted some soup to be funny.

RIGHT after that, Lauren came over and we all went to Dairy Queen. I got a hot fudge sundae. Would you believe there's actually a difference between chocolate sundaes and hot fudge sundaes? What the hell kind of country is this?!*

A couple hours later, Hayley and her dog Lexie and I sat around for about 45 minutes, silently eating a jar of pretzels in a dark/romantically lit room by ourselves. I campaigned for a trip to buy powdered donuts so we could test Big Black's record for 5 in 3 minutes, but that got shot down.

So we ate another huge plate of BBQ veggie wings.

Then, her mom brought home 3 dozen cookies... just kidding, though. We only ate like 4 cookies each! Then, I went home and ate some bread that was sitting on the counter. Also, if we're being completely honest, I probably forgot something. For example, yesterday I forgot to mention that I ate a popcorn ball?

Grooooosssss. I want to throw up. Today I sorta wouldn't mind being bullemic. (Can I say that, otherwise, it was a good day for eating? :)

*An awesome one!!

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  1. I don't understand how you're not super fat. Kudos!