03 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-single bites out of 3-4 pieces of pizza becuase I didn't want the cheesy parts
-I forget whether there was actually a piece of pizza? Maybe yes, maybe no.
-my parents' notoriously too-strong coffee + milk + almond extract + sugar? Mostly coffee, but it was definitely an attempt at something greater.
-the rest of that chocolate santa pop
-thin mint at work!
-other little misc. candy egg at work!
-cheesy fiesta potatoes
-water and ice with a little bit of Baja Blast in there because they offered me a "cup for water" out of the kindness of their hearts
-nachos with extra cheese that was hot and also FREE!
-some hot sauce packets
-good writing and acting
-a cheese quesadila* with an extra cup of sour cream: best. idea. ever.

Today was incredible and perfect and delicious! Eating eating eating! <3

*After eating so many of these and posting about them in my blog for a year, wouldn't you expect me to have SOME idea for spelling?

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