11 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

Newsflash: I love *salad and **sweet iced tea now!

Things I Ate Today:
-a significant amount of Glee brand (tangerine) gum, which is AMAZING
At Swenson's: cheapy salad boy sandwich thang with a big strawberry milkshake
Later: significant portion of salad
-an apple
-sweet iced tea
For dinner: Easy Mac, which is actually delicious
-a NEW kind of salsa that I can't afford (only some of it), with blue chips
-an extremely delicious vanilla milkshake from Prentice
From Ryan: 2 chocolate truffles
-a rootbeer-flavored popsicle
Later yet: another salad
-sweet iced tea

Things I Ate Yesterday:
-coffee with toast
-a chocolate-peppermint Luna bar <3
-a few apples
-iced tea
-Fries and pizza

It's been a great few days for eating! I might get a little more snacking in here, but I'm trying to resist. The following are extremely mundane details.

*To make salad, I combine whatever kind of lettuce I can find (but romaine or spinach are preferable) with peas, cheese, and dressing. That is, if those things are available. I like the extra filler carrots and stuff you sometimes get stuck with at the end of the lettuce bag because it me of cole slaw. But I've been using a lot more dressing than I used to. Otherwise, who really wants the salad? I have Bolthouse yogurt dressing, which is supposed to be a lot better for you than regular dressing. The flavor is... Creamy Italian. Yummm!

**To make sweet iced tea, first I microwave a big glass pitcher full of water. Then, I use about 4 tea bags with pictures of roses on the tags. I leave the tea bags in there for as long as possible, like today I left all this in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours before drinking it. I use my perfect ice cube tray to make tiny, pretty cubes. Then, I add too much brown sugar to the tea -before- adding the ice cubes. I like to add everything to the big glass pitcher because it is stunningly gorgeous. Then, I pour some into a cup. Glasses are preferable, but I don't have any of those here. Today at Walmart, I bought a cute little cup (which, coincidentally, matches my green plastic water bottle) to keep any part of this activity from being ugly.


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