15 April 2010

Things I Ate Today

There really is nothing like eating as much food as you can, as fast as you can eat it, for no reason at all. No relation to hunger cravings or stress... just 'cause! Yesterday, I did do some stress eating. Today, I just had a lot of food lyin' around and kinda felt like eating it.

-3 chocolate Lindt balls
-2 large cups of coffee (one with chocolate soy milk, one with milk and ice)
-a big salad with way too much dressing
-directly thereafter, a cup of vegetable soup and
-a Rice Krispie treat
-and a couple pieces of cheese
-and a couple curly fries.
-directly thereafter, a bag of blue licorice
-green grapes (I think that was today?)
-sweet tea gone wrong
-when I came home, I ate 3 bowls of butter noodles back to back, with a piece of buttered toast. This happened over the span of about 15 minutes.
-then I drank two large glasses of very-chocolate milk
-and had a couple slices of cheese.

Very satisfying!! It was a good (albeit disgusting) day for eating.

*Everything was blue!!

1 comment:

  1. I have no idea what I ate today…I’m not trained like you to think about these things!
    -I know I ate guacamole and chips.
    -Mandarin oranges
    -Cranberry juice and lots of lemonade.
    -A cheese and mustard sandwich.
    -A strawberry.
    -2 jelly beans.
    -Lots of the most boring cookies ever imaginable but they still tasted good.