16 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

Today after sleeping through Italian, I woke up around 12:30 and met Erik Dan Travis Sebastian at the Student Center! There, I ate Balsamic Rice, a cup of celery and carrots, and a watermelon Naked juice.

Before evening math torture house, I ate a lot of red grapes with a little bag of popcorn.

After evening math torture house, Lauren and I were both very stressed. So, we went to Rosie's where I ate cheesy fries with a portabello sandwich. I drank a big cup of Hayley Raspberry tea, directly followed by a big cup of root beer. All of this was pretty gross!!

At our fiesta, I ate an amazing combination of millions of Mexican ingredients. This is also thanks to Lauren, the extraordinary chef and future pop star. I ate Mentos, vitamin C cough drops, and a vanilla milkshake that I shared with Lauren and Sebastian. Also, Sebastian gave me 2 Thin Mints-- a true gesture of kindness and friendship!!

It was a good day for eating (except for Rosie's).

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