07 March 2010

Things I Ate Today

Yesterday, I ate Cocoa Krispies, various produce items, um... cooked zucchini with a little bit of pasta mixed in, a piece of pizza, and The Best French Fries Ever. I swear, they never stop being astounding. Soooo gooood.

I woke up today and my stomach was completely, completely empty. So I compensated by eating five servings of every high-calorie food I could find (naturally).

-The leftover purple Skittles from Friday
-A side salad
-Reese's ice cream bar

-Jar of (amaaazing) salsa
-A bag, 7 servings, of cheese cubes
-2 Nerds Ropes
-Green Tea and Naked Apple Chai Cider:)

I might also have a cup of fruit. It was a delicious day for delicious things!

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