24 March 2010

I'm the luckiest girl in the whole world and I love you guys!

Things I Ate Today:

(After waking up at six-freaking-thirty* in the morning, I drank:)
-2 large cups of coffee
-1 chocolate soy milk**
-huge double chocolate Rice Krispie Treat bar <33333
-very small amount of "salad" from Eastway, with croutons today
-a Swedish Fish
-a generous number of blueberries from Lauren, thus proving my hypothesis that she is an angel
-Taco Bell's T9: taco, crunchwrap, and a large drink for five dollars! However, I got extra nacho cheese on my (vegetarian) crunchwrap which led to some nacho-love-bonding with the senior cashier, which led to my free drink upgrade.
-a greater number of hot sauce packets than usual because we sat in the booth forever
-about 4 (white) corn chips with tabouli
-watered down juice (or juiced up water, depending on your perspective)

It was a phenomenal day for eating!

**Today was the first time I didn't really mix it into the coffee! I don't like the way their temperature differences separate the coffee from the soy milk, and I don't like the way you lose chocolate flavor in the coffee. So I tried them apart and it was a pretty good move!

*Indians and many other groups of people used to do this wordinaword thing all the time! Right, Erik?

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