23 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today, I woke up very early: at eight forty-five. This requred an alarm, as well as nourishing breakfast food. I poured some skim milk into one of the three sections of packaging so the cookies could be soaked, but results were limited. My second meal was, once again, the highlight of my year (and probably Lauren's too). I ate:

-One box of Keebler "Chocolate Lover's" cookies. Each cookie has 80 calories, which means there are 2,080 calories in a box. Granted, I did share about two of them.
-Spicy Summer Tofu from Thai Gourmet :)

In the evening, Lauren and I went to Sebastian's. I made a (classy) party platter of sliced cheese and reduced fat Wheat Thins on a paper plate and sipped water from my Evian bottle, thanks to the ridiculous priorities of on-campus food plans. Sebastian let us taste his pretzel chips, and I guess I also had a mint and a fortune cookie.

It was a good day for eating!

P.S. I just ate a small jar of medium salsa with accomodating Scoops chips (the bag is essentially gone), with some dates.

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