12 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Last night after posting, I think I went to Rosie's with Cody and ate more food. I ate french fries with cheese sauce, lots of hot chocolate, and... maybe that was all. Who knows.

Today for breakfast, I ate another gluten-free bar with a big cup of coffee. I went home and ate a bunch of my dad's famous popcorn (stale but staille delicious).

At work around five-thirty, I ate an apple and most of a peach. I also sampled some of the brownie and Hollywood Square that someone left in the break room.

Then I drank stuff like five cups of hot chocolate and a sip of coffee-flavored energy drink. Around 3:30 am, Cody Sebastian and I went to Rosie's. I got a brownie and some nasty apple cobbler. I also took as many bites out of Sebastian's nasty "breakfast" food as I could. And I got a bite of Cody's waffle with a spoon. It was a day.

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