04 September 2009

Pretentious words I've eaten recently

A song to make today taste better: "When the Night Feels My Song" by Bedouin Soundclash

Things I Ate yesterday:
12pm: A hugely disappointing, simultaneously nauseating, bowl of fancy alfredo pasta. With a breadstick and Cherry Coke.
5pm: A hugely appointing fruit salad with a loaded PB&J sandwich which a strange stranger envied audibly.
9pm: A power bar with 19 grams (!!) of protein, with a cow tail (classy!) and hot chocolate. **
10pm: Cheesy fiesta potatoes. * And a crunchwrap with beans instead of meat +guacamole.
11pm: A big, delicious (albeit stale) chocolate cupcake.
113pm: A skim Milk Chug.

Today for breakfast around 10:30, I enjoyed the sophistication of black hazlenut coffee with a somesophisticatedflavor'd scone. I also ate those yogurt-oatmeal clusters that Sebastian got for Easter. They expired a month ago....

At work around 5pm, I ate two ripe organic bananas. (This would probably be more sophisticated if I'd not just spelled b-a-n-a-n-a-s with pop synchopation from 2007.) Then around 9, I ate a few tortillia-type chips with two pieces of Swiss Cheese.

How many things are grosser than Swiss Cheese? I can't think of very many.
I also ate a plate of cole slaw. Another winning dish.

Then, since it's Jere's (28?) birthday, I ate a slice and a half of Amish blueberry pie. It tasted, unfortunately, like a cup of microwaved jelly.

*The cheesy fiesta potatoes glopped all over the table. I screamed, shoved them back onto my styrofoam platter, and licked the table. With class and sophistication.
**I get Swiss Miss without marshmallows because I think the marshmallows are just distracting. I think the hot chocolate lasts longer and is more satisfying when it stands alone!

A good day for eating!

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  1. You are the funniest person alive and I love every little particle of you!