29 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today for breakfast after I rolled out of bed at 12:30, I ate an adorable little package of sliced apples and peanut butter.

After Social Problems, I ate two bananas. Then, I went to buy groceries and got a ten dollar discount, as per tweet, from the same guy who I mentioned last week with the dates and Vitamin Water. Rockin! I ate an entire container of vegetarian cucumber (sushi-y)rolls, yum, in celebration. Other things I ate today:

-A bottle of Vitamin Water in some great, unusual flavor- peach mandarin or something?
-Odwalla juice (superfood)
-2 huge, juicy nectarines
-A taste of some new hommus, but with Scoops chips instead of pita bread??
-A box of Keebler Chocolate Lover's cookies, except for the ones I shared with Cody and Ryan at our cookie party.I also shared one with Jon.
-About the same percentage of a skim Milk Chug
-An incredible sample of some zucchini bread that Ryan's mom made him. I. Love. Zucchini bread.

It's been a very good day for eating!

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