09 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

Yesterday around 12:30, I got brunch with Scotty. I ate a platter of stuff from the salad bar, including: grapes, orange melon, hummus, pita, olives, and slices of green pepper. I also got a cup of black/vanilla coffee, thank goodness! I'm noticing, lately, how much fun coffee is. Sort of like Baja Blast, only less conspicuous!
Around 7pm, I ate a little bag of cashews with an organic fruit leather.
Then, around 10pm? I ate Scoops chips with hot salsa.
Today sometime after I woke up, maybe noonish? I ate the last good fruit cup for sale (with strawberries instead of grapes!), a gluten and dairy-free breakfast bar (way too expensive... chocolate and banana), and a Silk vanilla juice box.

Around four, Heaven's gates opened and a HUGE portion of summer tofu (from Thai Gourmet) ascended to fill my joyous stomach. It was the best Thai Gourmet I've ever had, which is really saying something. Afterwards, Lauren and I got Polar Pops.

Around 2am, Cody and I went to the store by Rosie's and spent about an hour wandering around in circles, trying to figure out what we were hungry for. I finally decided on a 4pack of banana cream pie pudding snackpacks. Much tastier than anticipated! Also, Cody gave me one of his Disney Princess fruit snack packs.

An AMAZING (mostly gluten/dairy-free!) day for eating. And life!

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