28 September 2009

Things I Ate Today

I feel a freshman fifteen coming on...

Today for breakfast in bed around 10:30, I ate the remaning 3/4 pint of that Karamel Sutra icecream, which was still amazingly delicious; I'd only intended to eat a serving of it!

Before gospel choir, I ate three bananas. (Gospel choir is from 5:30-7:30 pm.) I also drank a bottle of water.

After gospel choir, I ate two cookies; two pieces of cheese pizza; one medium or large cup of rootbeer. Yumm!

For a snack, I ate somebody else's leftover reduced fat Cheese Nips. So much better than you might expect.

For dinner around 2am, I drank a double upgrade hot chocolate with a package of Turtles. Cody also gave me an astonishingly astonishing piece of his white chocolate chip cookie dipped in deluxe hot chocolate (his included dairy and flavoured creamour).

It was a very good day for eating!

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