02 September 2009

Feelings I Ate Today

Today was quite an emotional smoothie, with Hayley leaving for school tomorrow (in addition to other fruity components)! For breakfast, I ate my second-to-last breakfast bar: almond/frosted rice krispie treat flavor.

For lunch, I ate a great and large fruit salad cup with a chocolate Milk Chug. Did you know that a chocolate Milk Chug contains 400 calories and 18 grams of protein? Neither did I! One bottle is two cups-- one pint-- so it's basically liquid ice cream without a spoon. YUM.

For dinner, I ate half a small jar of salsa with chips, and a cob of corn.

For dinner, I ate a cup of "birthday surprise" icecream from Ambrosia. Then, Sebastian gave me half of his great and awesomely large oatmeal raisin cookie!

After Hayley left, I ate a (1.5 serving) bag of Welch's white grape fruit snacks, half a bottle (1.5 serving) of Fuze(?), and a cute little package of low-fat Fig Newtons. The Fig Newtons weren't as good as I've been anticipating, but they were satisfying. I also ate the rest of that jar of salsa, with accommodating corn chips. But I'm still sad!

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