22 September 2009

Things I've Eaten Today

I haven't eaten much at all today, and for some reason I'm not hungry! And by "I'm not hungry," I even mean to say that food doesn't hold its usual appeal for some reason. Maybe that's because my body's sick of digesting sicko food products.

Today around noon, I ate a regular-size cup of hazlenut coffee (black, as always).

In my evening break between classes, I ate half a small jar of medium salsa (with accomodating Scoops chips), and some chickpea salad. The chickpea salad tasted very strongly of vinegar, and I'm not sure whether that's because a.) I bought it on campus and it could be rotten, or b.) I'm unaccustomed to the taste of chickpea salad. Either way, I threw the whole thing away after a few bites. Very gross.

After math (maybe around 8pm), I bought two bottles of Vitamin Water-- green tea and lemonade-- with a surprising little package of dates! Who even knew they sold THOSE on campus? The guy at the counter said it looked like I was just going to walk out with my purchases, and said that he would've let me go if I did. I think I recognized him from Gospel Choir, which is sort of ironic. He pleasantly suggested that I had a "date" with my Vitamin Water.

Anyway, I ate about one serving of the dates and drank my green tea Vitamin Water. Ho hum! It's still early, but unless I eat something later (not unlikely), that is what I ate today. A good day for eating!

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