24 June 2009

What I Ate Today 03

Today, I didn't really eat like a person. I ate more like a cow, just munchin' on some grasses and vegetarian stuff that nobody else wants. And I think cows probably hold the same view of hunger as I do-- that it's sort of irrelevant-- because both of us have so many stomachs.

On second thought, cows probably don't eat s'mores.

For breakfast, I ate a veggie burger. I think I also ate a s'more. Over the course of the day, I think I ate two pears, three or four peaches and nectarines, um... some fruit. I don't know. Plums, probably. Lauren and I go to Thai Gourmet for Thai Thursdays every week, but this week I'm working on Thursday so we went a day early. I ate red curry tofu, with steamed rice: delicious.

I ate a lot of s'mores today, and I ate a couple of them yesterday after I posted. I also ate some extra graham crackers and marshmallows and chocolate. For dinner, I think I had two cobs of corn. Did that make three for the day? I'm really not sure what I've eaten, but I know it was good. I think I ate a few more peaches or nectarines with the corn. And s'mores.

Milk, fruit, s'mores, Thai food, and a veggie burger. That's what I ate today.

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