23 June 2009

Things I Ate Today 02

Today for breakfast (around 10am), I ate a cup of Fage yogurt. It was the first time I've tried this, and I do reccommend it! I chose the honey flavor, which actually just means there's a little cubby of honey in the cup next to plain yogurt. For lunch (around 12pm), I ate some peanuts and raisins on the way to work. On break at 5:00, I ate a ton more raisins and peanuts. Then, after I got off at 8:30, I ate three little pieces of bulk chocolate, a large handfull of bing cherries, a cob of corn, and two pints of blueberries. Overall, a very good day for eating!

An awesome thing that happened at work today is tons of hotties came to check out at my register. (And boy did I check them out!) Interestingly, they came in all "flavors." So, in case you are wondering...

Hotties I Ate Today:
- Toolish college humor t-shirt hottie
- Brad Pitt as an unrealistic landscaper hottie
- So scruffy he could almost be straight hottie
- Middle-aged father and teacher hottie
- Underclassman or maybe upperclassman but either way still in high school hottie
- Creepy hottie
- Asian guy who doesn't write his name in English on the credit card reciept hottie
- Otherwise ethnically diverse hottie
- Somehow white hair is foxy hottie
- Too young to be a successful businessman so he's probably just boring hottie
- Probably unavailable because he has a couple of little kids hottie

The list even goes on! Unforunately, white suburban rapper tool hottie left my line for another because the wait was too long. Additionally, I totally missed out on tall black hotties of all varieties! Of course, the day did bring good things.

After this, I might eat a s'more or few; especially if Hayley agrees to accompany me on a Journey to the microwave. Doooonnn't stop! the Eeeeating!

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