13 November 2009

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today To Make Myself Really Sick:

-Around noon, after I woke up: about a serving of Hola Fruita (would you believe I saved it from last night?)
-Around... maybe 2:00? A plate of cheesy pasta with TWO breadsticks, some vegetables I threw away, most of a bottle of water, and the largest size available of chai tea latte; and about half of a cookie that was the size of my entire hand
-A pina colada fruit "smoothie" with ice cream, after Cody and I "worked out" at the gym (by floating in the swimming pool for half an hour).
-Around 8, a pumpkin bagel with honey almond cream cheese and part of a fruit cup
-A free Sweedish Fish and Cabbage Patch Kid from the art store

Around 9:30, Cody and I had a horrible experience with Chipotle where I had to put my foot down and say, you know, I probably SHOULDN'T be spending $15 per week on fast food, especially when we got Chipotle YESTERDAY. So, to make up for the sad lost calories, we went to Rosie's. I personally ate:

-A box (9 servings) of Wheat Thins
-A bag (7 servings) dried/sugared pineapple chunks
-A cheese stick
-EZ Cheese (in a can, like probably... a third of the can)
-A bottle green tea Vitamin Water
-A bag of Scooby Doo fruit snacks
-A Lindt chocolate ball (mint)
-Half a box of Christmas donut holes
-Some vegetarian sushi (I eat this every day)

I don't know. It feels like we're missing something.
Want to know what I ate yesterday?

Things I Ate Yesterday:
-2 pints of Hola Fruita fruit sorbet
-Medium chai tea latte
-A banana
-A vegetarian burrito bol from Chipotle with extra rice because it was fresh and enough hot salsa for the guy making it to call me a "soldier"
-A box of vegetarian sushi
-I feel like a dead person

It's been a vomitacious day for eating. Have I mentioned that I generally don't eat wheat or gluten?

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