21 November 2009

Things I Ate Today

Today for breakfast, I ate some old person candy. For lunch, my mom made me a huuuuge cheese quesadilla with sour cream and iceburg lettuce shreds. It was good but too filling!

After work, I ate a personal pan of vegetarian lasagna. (My mom said, "You ate all of that?!!") I ate one bite-sized Nutter Butter and some more candy (presently).

I got this candy last night when it was the only thing appealing at Giant Eagle. It's that really gross stuff like Napoleon Coconut Squares, Mary Janes, caramel with the white stuff in the centers, etc. I bought a pound of that candy and ate at least half of it immediately, so do the math. Other things I ate yesterday were cheese, two mini-toasts, dried apricots, a piece of bread, a glass of milk, a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, and some reheated mashed potatoes.

The day before yesterday, I ate the largest portion of grilled cheese and french fries that I've EVER seen, two fluffy little pancakes, a glass of milk, some crumpled tortilla chips at the bottom of the bag, and a few apricots.

If the point of greatest concern for "loss of appetite" is a day when I eat half a pound of gross candy, at least nobody has to force-feed me calorie shakes. All the gluten makes me feel physically gross, as does the candy. However, ah. Still eating.

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