10 November 2009

Things I Ate Today

Things I Ate Today:

-2 huge cookies
-1 small salad
-most of a big bottle of water
-half a box of vegetarian "sushi" rolls
-3 Boca brand Chik'n nuggets (SO GOOD)
-1 quart of chocolate soy milk
-another (full) box of vegetarian "sushi"
-supersweet trail mix
-candy, i.e. 3 atomic fireballs, 3 dum-dums and a piece of color-changing gum (at least)
-dark chocolate Lindt ball
-Flinstone gummy vitamins
-a DELICIOUS birthday cake milkshake(?!) from Burger King (c/o Heaven)
-3 packages of Swiss Rolls

It was a good day for eating! Gag!

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